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Dapper Moose Entertainment 

Thanks for joining Dapper Moose Entertainment in Changing. The. Game. Dapper Moose's goal is to keep you entertained. If we can provide an escape and some fun with our stories and games, then we have done our job. Here, you'll discover beautifully illustrated and meaningful children's books, riveting thrillers and crafty mysteries, exciting trivia games, board games, party games, and much more to come.


Fiction may not be real, but the best novels make you forget that. That's where Dapper Moose Entertainment shines. Whichever story of ours you're reading, there are a few things for sure: we'll paint a vivid picture with our words, we'll make you feel like you're part of the action, and you won't want it to stop.

Take our heart-pounding mystery Harm Limitation, for example. It's the first book in our highly anticipated Downey O'Shea series: As a journalist, what do you do when a story you're chasing starts chasing you back? Click here to discover more about our mystery starring a rookie reporter who stumbles upon a story that just might get her killed. If you love crime novels, mysteries, and thrillers, Harm Limitation is the perfect book for you.

Harm Limitation may be our first published novel, but it definitely won't be our last.  

Mystery Books 

Harm Limitation Fiction Murder Mystery

Rookie reporter Downey O'Shea is used to covering run-of-the-mill stories. When a seemingly basic story about a post office break-in leads Downey to a college woman's murder, that quickly changes. As the smart, hard-nosed reporter relentlessly pursues the case, soon the killer turns their attention to Downey. The question becomes: What do you do when a story you are chasing chases you back?

"Surprising twists and turns"
"Beautifully paced"
"Riveting thrill-ride"
"Beckons the reader to become part of the story"

Trivia Games

Dapper Moose Entertainment Trivia Challenges are currently exciting pub-style quizzes in Rochester, NY,

but you can join the fun from anywhere.

Dapper Moose Trivia Challenge Game

Children's Books

Vibrant, indelible illustrations, relatable characters, and uplifting messages are synonymous with Dapper Moose Entertainment's growing line of children's books. Our picture books are adored by kids, families, teachers, librarians, and critics alike. It's hard not to fall in love with The Cacklecoggler, a heartfelt tale about acceptance and understanding, and Mouse the Cat, a heartwarming story about finding where you belong.


Learn more to find out what the buzz is all about.  

We publish high-quality, stunning, and meaningful books.
More Books

Coming Soon!


Mouse the Cat Specisl Price
Mouse the Cat Children's Book

Mouse The Cat 

If you've ever felt alone, you know exactly how Mouse the Cat feels. Follow this adorable kitten's journey through the pet store as he tries to find where he belongs. 


Don't wait. Bring Mouse the Cat home with you.

The Cacklecoggler 

The Cacklecoggler Children's Book

Not all monsters are what you think.

For years, the townspeople of Yorkdale have feared a monster in the woods. After all, he has teeth "sharp as knives" and "poisonous spikes." When Anna gets hurt playing near the woods, she finally meets THE CACKLECOGGLER. Are the rumors true?

Events & Book Signings

We love working with our retail partners and to meet the wonderful humans who support us.

If you're interested in hosting an event, please email us at

If you're eager to attend upcoming events or want to see what they're like, check out upcoming events on our Social Life page

Social Media Fun 

We're very active on social media. We give you a little bit of everything. We try to make you laugh, we try to make you think, and we try to inspire you. Check us out. Let us know how we're doing. 

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Our Mission 

Using our talent, creativity, and determination to change the publishing game one page at a time.

Our Vision 

We use our talent, creativity, and determination to become a force in the publishing world.

Our Values

We do not settle for anything less than excellence.

We embrace creativity, diversity, and kindness.

We always act responsibly, with integrity, and with compassion.

We do not give up. 

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