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About Us 

Dapper Moose Entertainment's goal may be to bring happiness to people's lives, but our story doesn't start off in the happiest of places. Founder and Chief Creative Officer Kyle Johnson has battled an unknown illness for about a decade. At one point, the mystery ailment forced him from the classroom and caused severe depression. However, out of that darkness came the light that is Dapper Moose. Our inspiring story doesn't stop there. We're only getting started in Changing. The. Game. Find out more about where we came from and where we're going here.

From children's books to crime novels to trivia quizzes to party games -- and much more to come, Dapper Moose Entertainment is always bringing you creative, exciting, and superior-quality products.

Dapper Moose Entertainment is a small business that is expanding both online and in the Greater Rochester area daily click here to see our wonderful retail partners. Our steady, meticulous growth over the last few years has established a solid foundation for our company as we blaze a new path in the publishing world. We're so happy that you have chosen to join us. We appreciate any support, whether it's sharing our content, mentioning us to your friends or family, or buying our amazing products. Dapper Moose Entertainment is nothing without you.

The Full Story

How we Began 

Our story actually begins in 2013, when a mystery chronic illness forced Founder and Chief Creative Officer Kyle A. Johnson from the classroom for the first time. He rekindled his love of writing, using it to escape illness. Working whenever he could, Kyle chipped away at various writing projects. A few of those projects were published by other companies, but others were unsuccessfully queried. They remained locked away, quietly sobbing to themselves. Then, Kyle decided to go for it.


In October of 2019, the idea of Dapper Moose Entertainment was born to spread happiness to the world in the form of books and games. Less than a year later, we are publishing our first book. The Cacklecoggler is the first of those stories to be released because of the strong belief in its message, humor, and memorable characters.

Eventually, Dapper Moose Entertainment will publish work from other authors in the abovementioned genres.

We apologize, but we cannot accept submissions at this time.

Founder &
Chief Creative Officer

Kyle A. Johnson

Kyle A. Johnson Author, Founder and Cheif Creative Officer Dappermoose Entertainment

Our Team 

Chief Financial Officer &
Executive Editor

Gabriella Sessa

Chief Financial Officer & Executive Editor Gabriella Sessa, Dappermoose Entertainment

Lead Illustrator
Alex Hummel 

Lead Illustrator Alex Hummel, Dappermoose Entertainment


Kyle is a former teacher and journalist, now a writer and publisher of books for children and adults. He worked as a reporter and copy editor at the Utica Observer-Dispatch while attending Utica University. He went on to pursue a master's degree in Secondary Education: Social Studies from the University of Rochester. Kyle was an urban educator for about 10 years before entering the publishing world. Kyle has written and published two beloved children's books -- The Cacklecoggler and Mouse the Cat -- as well as Harm Limitation, the highly anticipated first novel in the Downey O'Shea mystery series. That's only the beginning. There are more exciting projects to come. Kyle currently lives with his family in Rochester, NY.

Gabriella is a financial professional who has worked with the likes of Smith Barney, UBS and LPL Financial for over 15 years. Born and raised in Brooklyn, she acquired a BA in English and Politics at Fairfield University in Connecticut before making an unlikely but successful transition to the world of finance. A lover of books since she could read, Gabriella always felt drawn to the world of publishing and fine-tuned her editing skills through various roles in her educational and professional background. When she's not reading or crunching numbers, Gabriella is a devoted mother who enjoys spending her free time with her family. 


Alex lives in Fairport, NY, with her husband, kids, and dogs. She is an art teacher at an elementary school and has been drawing since she could pick up a pencil. Alex is inspired by her students every day. She has demonstrated her versatility as an artist with her work illustrating The Cacklecoggler and Mouse the Cat. Keep your eye on Alex because there are many more beautifully illustrated picture books on the way. Alex also owns and operates Bumblebee Pet Portraits.



What are you working on?

What aren't we working on? … We have an adorable new picture book that should be released in Spring of 2023 called Dragon in a Wagon & Other Beastly Rhymes. 


In the fall of 2023, we plan to release the cute, touching children's book, Two Cows and a Canoe. We can't wait for you to read them. 


In addition to Harm Limitation, the heart-pounding first book in the Downey O'Shea mystery series, we're also hard at work adding exciting titles to our growing inventory. 

Why shop small?

We're Changing. The. Game., and it's all thanks to YOU. Without your support, we wouldn't be able to share our incredible stories with the world. Sure, Amazon and Barnes & Noble are great resources for books, but if you're tired of giving billionaires and large corporations your hard-earned money, we're the right small business for you. We all have to start somewhere, and that little seed planted a few years ago has blossomed into a beautiful tree. Soon, with your backing, we'll continue to grow taller and stronger each day. 

Where can I learn more about you?

We're very active on social media. We give you a little bit of everything. We try to make you laugh, we try to make you think, and we try to inspire you. Check us out. Let us know how we're doing. 


Visit us on social media.


Do you do events or book signings?

Yes! We love working with our retail partners and to meet the wonderful humans who support us. If you're interested in hosting an event, please email us at If you're eager to attend upcoming events or want to see what they're like, check out our social life page


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