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What's Our Deal?

 Our story actually begins in 2013, when a mystery chronic illness forced Founder and Chief Creative Officer Kyle A. Johnson from the classroom for the first time. He rekindled his love of writing, using it as an escape from the illness. Working whenever he could, Kyle chipped away at various writing projects. A few of those projects were published by other companies, but others were unsuccessfully queried. They remained locked away, quietly sobbing to themselves. Then, Kyle decided to go for it. In October of 2019, the idea of Dapper Moose Entertainment was born to spread happiness to the world in the form of books and games (the silly t-shirts came later). Less than a year later, we are publishing our first book. The Cacklecoggler is the first of those stories to be released because of the strong belief in its message, humor, and memorable characters.

Eventually, Dapper Moose Entertainment will publish work from other authors in the genres listed above. We apologize, but we cannot accept submissions at this time. 

How Are We  Changing  the  Game?

You'll see.

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Who Are We?

Founder & Chief Creative Officer
Kyle A. Johnson
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Kyle is a former teacher and journalist, now a writer and publisher of books for children and adults. He worked as a reporter and copy editor at the Utica Observer-Dispatch while attending Utica College. He went on to earn a master's degree in education from the University of Rochester. He spent many years helping lift young people to meet their educational goals as a teacher. Kyle lives in Rochester, NY, with his young son and menagerie of animals.

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Alex Hummel

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Alex lives in Fairport, NY, with her husband, kids and dogs. She teaches art at an elementary school. She has been drawing since she could pick up a pencil and is inspired by her students. Alex also owns and operates BumbleBee Pet Portraits, which you can find here.