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Although Dapper Moose Entertainment published two picture books first, we don't merely produce children's books. We aim to also be your source for mysteries, thrillers, crime, suspense, and young adult books. Our first novel, Harm Limitation, is an exciting, twisty mystery that grabs you and doesn't let go until the end.

Here's some praise for Harm Limitation:

"Beautifully paced"

"Surprising twists and turns"

"Compelling "

"Beckons the reader to become part of the story"

"Riveting thrill-ride"

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Harm Limitation

Thrilling Mystery

Rookie reporter Downey O'Shea is used to covering run-of-the-mill stories. When a seemingly basic story about a post office break-in leads Downey to a college woman's murder, that quickly changes. As the smart, hard-nosed reporter relentlessly pursues the case, soon the killer turns their attention to Downey. The question becomes: What do you do when a story you are chasing chases you back?

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