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The Good Times

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20 Times Twitter Surprised Us

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

By Kyle A. Johnson

Dapper Moose Entertainment


Love it or hate it, Twitter is a powerful force in the social-media world. Twitter provides a chance at connecting with other people from around the world. These days, it's easy sharing ideas, beliefs, jokes, and images with people on the Internet - thanks partly to Twitter. Sometimes, these interactions are positive and leave a favorable lasting impression on people. Other times, well ... the interaction doesn't go quite as planned. Life doesn't go exactly as planned, so the same is true for life on social media. And, we have proof!

From funny Tweets poking fun at celebrities, to quick comebacks, to witty reactions, here are 20 Times Twitter Surprised Us:


Mmm, Is that Taco Bell You're Wearing?

When a Fortune 500 company has a clever social-media and marketing team, it can go a long way to attract eyes to the brand. A winning recipe seems to be if the team or individual in at the helm spices things up with humor. Here, we have two corporate titans: Old Spice and Taco Bell duking it out. For some reason, Old Spice decided to sail over from toiletries targeting men to fast food by tweeting about Taco Bell's condiments lacking any actual fire. Sticking fire into a packet might be harder than it seems, Old Spice, but Taco Bell brought the heat with its response. We're not chemists, so we're not sure what goes into Old Spice deodorant. We're not sure we want to, but thankfully it isn't expired cumin or garlic powder. Let's just hope these giants don't collaborate. The last thing we need is "Bearglove Loco Tacos" or "Chicken Quesadilla Body Wash."


Understanding a Talking Dog is Ruff

We've seen what happens when you make Mark Ruffalo angry. Luckily, Ruffalo, the actor who played the latest incarnation of the Incredible Hulk, seems to have a good sense of humor. How could you be mad at this tweet? It's cute, clever, and surprisingly accurate. If in need of a name for a dog, you could always take it a step further and call it Bark Ruffalo, which sounds like a friend of Scooby Doo's.

Speaking of the beloved cartoon great dane ...


Zoinks! That's Bright

The 70s has many aspects that should be revered, but we're sorry to say the cartoonish fashion on display here isn't one of them. Scooby Doo, an entertaining blend of humor and mystery, is one of the most popular cartoons of all time for a reason. The Hanna-Barbera cartoon's influence on global fashion trends isn't one of them. Unless it's Halloween.


Jurassic Park: The Rise of the Dinosaur Chickens

Mike has an excellent point. On accident? Suuuuuure. Haven't we seen enough examples of what can go wrong when scientists mess with dinosaurs in a lab? While the chicken is the closest living relative to dinosaurs, we should stop before a T-Rex-chicken hybrid is flipping over our Jeep. Although, some Buffalo pterodactyl wings sound tasty.


It's a Pizza Treaty

Stop that. Stop it right now. If you thought that a dinosaur-chicken was the most horrifying mashup on our list, have you met mayo-pea pizza? Neither have we. And, we don't want to. However, anything to bridge the gap between pineapple-pizza lovers and pineapple-pizza haters is welcome. Seriously, do what makes your taste buds happy. Eat whatever you want on pizza.


Taco 'bout a Life Hack

Life hacks are tips that are supposed to help save time in your day. Just take a look around the Internet to see how many helpful hacks exist. However, some come up short because they are simply common sense. What did the DIY "hacker" think taco shells were? We're less amazed by the hack than we are by their lack of basic culinary knowledge. Yo quiero taco shells? Just toast tortillas.


Soup Du Jourdon Ramsay?

Asking Gordon Ramsay to critique this soup is like asking comedian Jeff Ross to roast you after a bad haircut. It's a terrible idea. A common phrase in the culinary world is, "you eat with your eyes first." Apparently, Gordon Ramsay isn't hungry. This noodle soup -- maybe chicken? -- could taste delicious. However, that can't save it from the celebrity chef's brutal honesty, which has been on display in Fox's Hell's Kitchen, MasterChef, and Kitchen Nightmares for well over a decade.