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Rocky road is probably my favorite ice cream. Top three for sure. Rocky road is also life at times. It rarely, if ever, goes the way you plan it. It's how you deal with those bumps in the road that matter. They aren't delicious peanuts (my apologies to those with peanut allergies), but they are challenges you have to get through. Well, it turns out launching The Cacklecoggler put me back on the rocky road. I expected challenges. That's part of business. Especially starting one. It's not knowing what issues are coming your way that gives me problems. One of those problems is that I have no idea how many books have sold yet. I believe some of the sales from the opening days are slowly being processed now, but it would be good to know how the book is fairing. To me, it's about: Has resonated with people? Is my writing worth it? Are people willing to take a shot on an unproven indie author/publisher? I'm hoping the answer to all of those questions will be yes.

Along with these literally hard objects, come sweet surprises. Remember, along with peanuts, there are marshmallow bits or swirls in rocky road. That's what keeps me going. Give me a spoon, I'll keep digging until the ice cream is gone. Give me a little time to recover, and then I'm ready for some more rocky road. Otherwise, there are lots of headaches.

Changing the game,


PS: Rocky Rhodes is a good wrestling name.

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