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Dapper Moose Entertainment 

Retail Partners

For two years, Dapper Moose Entertainment exclusively sold our books online. Beginning in August of 2022, we began pushing into select stores in and around our hometown of Rochester, NY. Our growth plan has been steady and meticulous, and we are excited to enter other markets soon.

Where can you find our books?

New York State

Lala (Webster, NY)

A Different Point of View (Pittsford, NY)

Another Chapter Bookstore (Fairport, NY)
Notion (Pittsford, NY)
Pflutter (Gates, NY)
Craft Company No. 6 (Rochester, NY)
Book Culture (Pittsford, NY)
Yesterday's Muse (Webster, NY)
Lift Bridge Books (Brockport, NY)
Main Street Mercantile (Fairport, NY)

And many more are coming soon ...

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