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What's it About?

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The Story Behind the Story

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The  Cacklecoggler

How It Began

The concept and the character of The Cacklecoggler originate from a poem Kyle A. Johnson wrote in a creative writing class as a senior at Gates-Chili High School in Rochester, NY. The Creepy Cacklecoggler, as it was known at the time, was reborn in 2015 as a picture book manuscript. Kyle held onto the story for a few years. It took the birth of Kyle's son to get him to revisit the story. After reading so many books and saying, "C'mon, how was that published?" Kyle decided the story was worthy of being told.

Honest-to-Goodness Real Reviews

Best Children's Book since goodnight moon

"This book belongs in every pre-K library, in every home!"

— Bookworm96,
San Diego, CA